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Delta Kumara

We at Delta have continued to introduce new varieties. Most of us are very familiar with the long-time favourite Red Kumara but the Red is no longer the only variety. Now you can get both Orange and Gold varieties. For “Foodies” and us this extends the opportunities for the ways that you use kumara.

It’s a Matter of Taste
The red kumara has a creamy coloured flesh, a mellow flavour and a firm texture. Leave the skin on and retain a lovely red that will enhance your plate presentation.

The gold kumara is both sweeter to the taste and softer in texture than the red. Its flesh and its skin are gold so, peeled or unpeeled, it will add colour to whatever dish you are serving. If you want a vegetable that will offer both a degree of softness and sweetness to the palate, then the gold kumara makes an excellent choice.

The other variety now available is the orange kumara. This is an exciting looking variety with both an orange skin and orange flesh. Firm like the red it is the sweetest of all the varieties now available. As a way to add colour and variety in taste and texture the orange kumara is a great opportunity to explore.