The Taste of Good Health

Nature's Battery Pack

Delta Kumara

Kumara is a wonderfully tasty versatile food that’s densely packed with nutritional value. Grown in accordance with GAP Standards Delta Kumara is a real powerhouse of nutritional benefits. It is full of valuable vitamins and minerals. It also has a very low GI rating which means that it provides you with a slow-release energy source giving you excellent stamina.

Another reason Kumara is now thought of as nature’s battery pack is how it naturally lasts an extraordinarily long time and remains deliciously good to eat. To keep your kumara in premium condition before cooking, store them in your pantry NOT in the fridge. The best temperature is about 14 degrees Celsius.

The natural long shelf life of Kumara is because they are self-preserving through the natural process of converting starch into sugar. Long life is extended because kumara has a perfectly natural ability to heal itself if damaged, for example being skinned, cut or bruised during the harvesting process.

The huge health supporting values of the kumara together with its naturally very long life means that it has to be the single best vegetable for any family. It is a vegetable with substance.