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Just clean and cook
Many use kumara as an addition to,or replacement
for, potatoes. Some, because they are also known as Sweet Potatoes, prepare them exactly as they would potatoes. Kumara are different from potatoes and so we can use them in different ways.

DON’T peel your kumara. Simply wash thoroughly and slice. It’s much easier than peeling them, they taste great cooked with the skin on and add great colour to the dish.

Colour adds
excitement & interest

Most of us know about the Red variety of kumara, but look for the Gold and Orange varieties as well. Like the unpeeled red, these can add real colour and interest to any dish that you plate.

Feature just one of the colours or serve all three as a medley of colours, textures and tastes.

Pre Dinner Nibbles
Make something new of the ever popular pre-dinner chips and dip. Try making kumara wedges instead.

Make kumara wedges really different by using all three varieties, red, gold and orange kumara and see how great the different colours look served together.

Real Student Food

If you have children (and let’s face it ­ especially boys) away at University or Polytech and they’re living in a Student Flat you can be certain that “Best Before” Dates on food will only be used as a roughest of guides.

Encourage them to buy and eat kumara. Kept in the pantry (the flat won’t even need a fridge) it will last a very, very long time, retain all its natural goodness and be delicious to eat.

From field to plate.

Harvesting a New Versatility

Someone, a long time ago, discovered that there are few things nicer in winter than a lamb roast with kumara. So it was that kumara quickly became an important part of the traditional kiwi roast lamb dinner – right up there with potatoes, peas and mint sauce.

Today, with New Zealanders developing an ever more cosmopolitan palate colliding with our growing passion for developing dishes with NZ ingredients and flavours, new uses for kumara are being vigorously explored – particularly by those in the restaurant industry.

New ways of thinking about kumara as a food are emerging and its popularity continues to increase as its health benefits become better known. Many more exciting ways in which kumara can be used are being created. To see great new ways you can use kumara, search our recipes database. If you have a recipe we don’t have, go to our Share a Recipe page. To find out more about the remarkable health benefits of kumara, visit: The Taste of Good Health page.
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