Seafood Kumara Chowder

Seafood Kumara Chowder

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This combination of corn and kumara is great with seafood added to make a delicious chowder.

Submitted by Northern Wairoa Golf Club

Cook Time 25
Prep Time 10
Servings 4


750g cooked mashed kumara
250g chopped onion
450g can cream style corn
300ml cream
1litre milk
25g butter
salt and pepper

Add approximately 1 cup of one or more of the following cooked seafoods:
chopped oysters
chopped or whole mussels (steamed)


Preparation Instructions

Add milk to mashed kumara. Saute onion in butter and add to chowder. Add corn, salt and pepper and bring slowly to the boil. Stir frequently or soup will catch. Add more milk if necessary, but soup should be thick. Stir in cream and re heat.

Serving Instructions

Garnish with shrimps, prawns, chopped oysters, or mussels for the seafood chowder experience. Serve in warm bowls with sprig of parsley and crusty French stick. Soup can be frozen, but do not store too long.